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Warrior: Timothy Broadenax

''Keep being consistent and moving forward. No matter what that looks like. Not just in sport but in life.''

Icon of calendar 02/04/2024





1st place Age Group 5k run, 1st place overall 10k run, 2nd place overall half marathon, 2nd place age group Duathlon, 3rd place age group Olympic Distance Triathlon

We proudly introduce Timothy. He is a Victus warrior from the day we launched stateside and has supported us every step of the way. Timothy’s unique journey has taken him from wrestling in the US Army to winning podium places at several triathlons. His consistency and positive mindset underline his drive for success; we're proud to have him on the team.

Who or what inspired you to become an athlete?
No one in particular got me into triathlon but Kurt Angle from the WWE got me into the sport of wrestling and sports in general.

When did you first realize that you were talented and wanted to be an athlete?
I believe I have an amazing work ethic towards sports and consistently show up. I never actually wanted or knew about being an athlete until I was much older.

What made you choose to pursue that talent?
I was in the U.S. Army for 11 years and decided that I did not want to be in the Army anymore. It took some time to decide what I wanted to do but once I figured it out I wanted to capitalize on my athletic window and pursue my athlete goals and dreams.

What sports performance are you most proud of?
I am most proud of my Ironman 70.3 World championship performance because I shaved off almost an hour and a half from my old time. I made a lot of friends and had a great time in Finland. It was so fun being among the best in the world.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
I had a really hard time at the World Championships in Spain. I came in last place. I also had a hard time getting along with a lot of the team members. I kept thinking to myself diamonds are made by pressure so I went with it and continued to move forward despite my surroundings. I think I truly overcame this by bouncing back with a podium in the Las Vegas Triathlon that following weekend.

Which sports person is a true warrior (hero) to you?
Kurt Angle. He won an Olympic gold medal with a broken neck. His character in the WWE was awesome to watch. His mind is so strong as well.

What do you think is the key to becoming a successful athlete?
Consistency and a positive mind especially during competitions.

What was the best advice you were ever given in your sports career?
Keep being consistent and moving forward. No matter what that looks like. Not just in sport but in life.

Can you describe to us your current training schedule?
What do you do in your training that you think is key to your success? My training schedule is very much different than most age groupers but I have found what works best for me. I make sure I get balance throughout the week and work on all 3 sports techniques individually. I also take the time to work on my strength training as well. I spend a lot of time in each sport. In this training block I am on I am training for my first Ironman in a few short weeks.

What are your favourite exercises and best training tips?
I really enjoy swimming and running. It’s a shared enjoyment out of those two but if I had to choose I would definitely say running. The pools out here are amazing because it’s outdoor year round and great weather so I get some sun while training.

What kind of diet do you prefer & do you always eat healthy food? How important is this to you as an athlete? Do you use supplements?
My diet is very strict and specific to my needs. I eat healthy every day but I do occasionally change and eat something not so healthy or just different to change it up. To me my diet is very important and it’s been the same way since 2020. I do use supplements and I believe in the supplements I use because they are clean also with the type of sport I am in it is almost a requirement to be able to push those limits and go fast.

Why did you choose the Victus Ecosystem?
It was easy. I am a busy individual so this ecosystem makes it easy to properly fuel and when to fuel. I don’t have to think much and I am always learning more and more about how my body responds and when to give it nutrition through this system.

What sacrifices you made did you think were the hardest to make in your career in sports? How did you stay motivated?
I stepped out and took a risk pursuing sport so my sacrifice is my entire life. I am a self-motivated individual so it’s really easy to get whatever I need to get done without having someone tell me.

If you could choose another sport to be great at, what would it be? Why?
Wrestling. I used to wrestle in high school, U.S. Army WCAP and even internationally on a German team. It is a fun sport but very hard on the body. It’s your will vs someone’s else.

Do you have a favourite workout song/playlist or mantra (motivational quote)? And is that playlist public?
I don’t listen to music too much when exercising but when I do it varies and I really like slow music.

What are your goals for the coming year? Any other interesting future plans that we should know?
My goals next year are to podium at least 3 Triathlons, qualify for a world championship and earn my pro card.

Where do you picture yourself in 15 years, and what have you accomplished by then? Choose your words wisely, because we’ll hold you to it.
I want to be a world champion in the sport of triathlon so that’s where I see myself very soon. I want a national championship on the short course scene. I also want to have multiple Ironman/Ironman 70.3 wins as well.



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