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The BEAT x Victus podcast

Breaking the status-quo together

Icon of calendar 24/02/2022


Road & track
The Netherlands


  • 2018 Ronde van Overijssel Piotr Havik (UCI 1.2 koers)
  • 2019 GP Stad Zottegem Piotr Havik (UCI 1.1 koers)
  • 2019 Tour of Rhodos – Martijn Budding (UCI 2.2 koers)
  • 2019 Matthijs Buchli world champion track, at the Keirin-element
  • 2020 Omloop van Valkenswaard - Yves Coolen (national races)
  • 2021 Olympic Games - Mathijs Büchli (Teamsprint)
  • 2021 European Championships - Yoeri Havik / Jan-Willem van Schip (Madison course)
  • and many more...


Cycling. For decades, the sport has had a special place in the hearts of millions of Dutch, Belgian and cycling enthusiasts from far beyond. Yet, the professional cycling world faces future challenges. For example, the current model behind a professional cycling team, which lives by the grace of main sponsors alone, has been under discussion for years. That's what BEAT Cycling aims to change. They made it their mission, back in 2016, to build a professional cycling team that's based on a structure known and used in many other sports, in football, for example: a club with its own name and identity and multiple sources of income.

Breaking the status-quo together.

Being the young startup we are, we need to select our partners carefully, and thus we try to solely work with partners that are close to us in terms of mission and vision. BEAT's mission to challenge the status-quo aligned perfectly with our own: to shake up the established order and to do things differently -better, more sustainable. 

So, back in 2020, we decided to give them a call and proposed having a meeting to explain how we want to help them and their athletes in achieving their objective to become a pro team as soon as possible, aiming for 2023. Our call was answered enthusiastically.

Ever since, and together with some other great parties such as Maurten, KOGA and Vredestein, we're a proud sponsor of BEAT Cycling and their formidable athletes and aim to keep contributing to their goals for many years to come.

Veni, Vidi, Victus

A couple of weeks ago, BEAT Cycling co-founder Edwin Gulickx proposed to drop by and talk about our partnership, future plans, challenging the status-quo (and what that even means) and about our journey in building a startup during the midst of a pandemic that crippled the world of sports altogether. You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the link below! (in Dutch)



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