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Partner: Regreener

On a mission to change the world.

Icon of calendar 25/02/2022


Fighting (climate change)
Making an impact


  • 89.617 trees planted
  • 2.387,67 hectares of rainforest protected
  • 7.174,20 tonnes of certified carbon compensated
  • 7.169 working hours created


The current situation is alarming: we have been dealing with rising CO2 emissions for quite some time. This has led to a rise in temperature in a way we have never seen before. We are currently on a path that will take us past the 1.5°C tipping point.

The consequences of this would be enormous: rising water levels, dramatic loss of biodiversity, extreme weather events. Ultimately, this will result in a planet that will become uninhabitable for future generations. This is a clear problem that will affect all of us, regardless of our geographic location, and also future generations. It's time for action.

Regreener x Victus

Regreener is a young organization with a clear goal in mind. And because we strongly believe that only by working together we can solve the major challenges we’re currently facing, we have decided to team-up with them and to contribute wherever and however we can. We’ll start by planting trees. One to be precise, every month for every returning customer, all year round. Also, we’ll compensate our own carbon footprint by planting 7 trees per month, per employee. That adds up over time. In the near future we’ll introduce the option for customers to compensate their carbon footprint during checkout. 

Current projects

Job van Hooijdonk and Bernard de Wit, founders of Regreener, are moving mountains. Quickly. Currently they are focussing on 11 different, high-impact projects all around the globe. From supporting Chile's transition to a greener economy by building a biomass power plant, to planting trees in Zambia’s Copperbelt all year round. These young entrepreneurs are on a mission to change the world for the better, and we’re proud to be a small part of that.

Do you want to learn more about Regreener, their work and mission? Give them a visit. If you’re reading this and you are in the position of contributing yourself or on behalf of your company, please do not hesitate doing so. 



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